A video game is an electronic game which involves a human interaction with a user interface, which would generate a visual feedback onto a video device.
The electronic systems that are used to play the games are known as platforms and it could range from small hand held devices to large mainframe computers.
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Video games could have both negative and positive impact on children especially. The positive side involves where the children could develop their thinking skills and stimulate their learning facts like strategic thinking, cooperation, creative thinking, and also innovative thinking, which is a very important part in the information society.

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Studies have shown that when studies are modulated in the form of games, it attracts more interests of the students and help them learning better. However, with the positive side, there are also negative impacts on children through Video games. Some children form a very destructive behavioral pattern and would try to be destructive and dangerous.

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Video games are increasing on larger scales today and more and more kids are getting into the craze of playing these games. There are both good and bad games. The industry needs to make a thorough analysis and introduce games that are more innovative and useful so that the damage caused and behavioral patterns do not change, instead bring about good to the coming generations.

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Games plays an important role in maintaining a healthy mind, body and soul. Games gives us a lot of exercises in forming our body as well as mind. The improvement of our body and mind keep away diseases. It gives us the ability to take defeat well.

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A real sportsman will play a fair game always. He must have a cool and pleasant temper. Games foster a spirit of friendship and co-operation among the players. A sportsman must sacrifice his personal interest for the good of the team and take the game seriously. He will take keen interest to win. When a game becomes a profession, a real work of life, no longer remain a recreation to the players.

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Mobile-phone gaming has become a multi-billion dollar a year industry. Widespread ownership of cellphones ensures high market penetration for game developers, many of whom have departments dedicated solely to mobile gaming. In addition, the primary demographic for video games (youth and young adults) are among those most likely to own a cellphone. All in all, it is because of several specific advantages of mobile-phone games that the mobile gaming environment has become such a mammoth in the entertainment sector.

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Part of mobile-phone gaming popularity is the ability to be taken anywhere. Once a game is downloaded onto a phone, it doesn't even need an Internet connection to run. The application runs through the phone's hard drive just like on a laptop computer. This means people can play mobile -hone games anywhere, at any time, even if they don't have Internet access or a phone signal. Best of all, most phone are small enough that games can be played in places where traditional games cannot, such as in a car or a waiting room.