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A smartphone is a mobile phone that typically has many of the functionalities of a computer. It is an upgrade from the original mobile phone that was mostly used to text and make calls.
These phones have operating systems that can run different applications. As is standard with many smartphones today, users can visit the Google play store or the app store for iPhones to download applications.
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Touchscreen: Nearly all smartphones have touchscreen functionality. This is a departure from the traditional buttons that are a conspicuous feature of the first set of mobile phones in the modern era. The touchscreen allows users to make use of a virtual keyboard.

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Operating system: The hardware of smartphones are powered by an operating system. Android, ios, and Microsoft are popular OS for smartphones.
RAM (Random Access Memory): The modern age smartphones are powered by much larger RAMS. Some smartphones even feature a 4GB of RAM.
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Internal memory: This is the internal phone storage used for storing applications. The bigger the internal memory, the better because it means that even without external storage, a user can still download several apps.

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Smart phone is a mobile phone which offers advanced technologies with functionality similar as a personal computer. While offering a standardized platform for application developers a smart phone performs as complete operating system software. Secondly, there are also very advanced features in smart phones such as internet, instant messenger and e-mail and also built-in keyboard are very typical. Because of these reasons we can say a smart phone a miniature computer with the similarities of a simple phone.

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With the growing speed of technological advancement, Smart phones have become the essential components of our daily performance. As we look for convenience, we also respect the devices, which can combine multiple features and which give us more mobility and entertainment. As the whole world is going into the new phase of technological performance, our needs become more sophisticated.

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Smart phones have come to exemplify one of the wisest and the most convenient technological ideas in the history of mankind. The unique combination of features makes Smart phones extremely usable and useful for different purposes. In business or in pleasure Smart phones expand our capabilities and help us resolve our problems in timely manner.

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Some smart phones have the keypad similar to a notebook PC, this type of keypad is known as QWERTY keypad. The QWERTY keypad smart phones are easy to use and recommended when the user has to always type a lot. The other type of keypad is the on screen keypad, which is actually a touch screen keypad; this kind of keypad also comes in the form of buttons, which are not in the touch screen but below the screen of the smart phones.

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There are many operating systems which are being used by companies to introduce their smart phones but most important system is Symbian which is really popular these days and every other smart phone has this software. Some software are listed below: